Ways to Study Multiplication Facts!!

There are many different ways to help your child with their multiplication facts.  Listed below are just a few fun ways to help your child.

  1. Flashcards
  2. Verbally for fun while driving in the car
  3. Songs and rhymes- http://bit.ly/1kTMwoE  OR  https://www.weareteachers.com/best-of-teacher-helpline-15-rhymes-tricks-for-teaching-multiplication/
  4. Memory Game using multiplication facts with answers.
  5. Try multiplication war. We LOVE multiplication war with a deck of cards. Just flip two cards and multiply. Whoever has the highest  product keeps the cards. I also make them give me the inverse division problem
  6. Play a game of Slap. We play a game called Slap. I have made small cards with single numbers on them. I place down 2 cards at a time. The student that can answer with the correct answer wins the 2 cards. For example, one card with an 8, one card with a 7. Student slaps (softly) the table and answers 56 wins the cards. The winner is the one with the most cards
  7. Put a new twist on an old favorite. We play rock paper scissors but they put up fingers instead with a partner. First partner to multiply those together gets a point.
  8. Line up some dominoes. We use dominoes for multi-digit problems. For example, take two dominoes. Line them up horizontally and that’s their problem. A 2 and 3 on one, and a 5 and 2 on the other would be 23×52.
  9. Practice Vegas style. I love to use a deck of regular cards to play Multiplication Top-It (kids draw 2 cards as factors and multiply; highest product wins the hand). Dice are also good to play Multiplication Roll ‘Em, a similar game.
  10. Math apps for your electronics- The app we use in the classroom is called Math Flashcards (Free) Cover art

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