Nifty Fifty Program!

Great job boys and girls!!!

Field Trip!!

High School Science Experiments!

Thank you to the High School students and Mr. Meyer for the fun Science experiments today!  The students had a blast!

Meeting a Meteorologist!!!

Thank you to Jack Gerfen for coming to our school to talk to the students about weather.  The students enjoyed your presentation and were so excited to meet someone on T.V.! 🙂


James and the Giant Peach

Thank you to the Gilman Women’s Club for giving us the opportunity to go to the play James and the Giant Peach!  The students had an amazing experience!

The Power Team!!

Thank you to the Power Team for the fun assembly!!  Thank you to all the friends who made this experience possible!!

See the Power team with your family today March 16th, Friday March 17th, Saturday March 18th, and Sunday March …

Star Lab!

Thank you to Mrs. Duncan for teaching our class about stars in the star lab!