Hello, kiddos. I’m sorry we haven’t had any new places to learn about, but I know you were all busy studying for your Social Studies test, going on a field trip (without me, by the way), and taking your PARCC tests. And now you’re getting ready to learn about a place I get to visit very soon…I’m so excited!!!

Anyway, my last question, if you remember that far back, was about a place that had a fire started by a cow, ten railroads, and the miniature rooms at the Art Institute. Of course, you should all have gotten the answer of…


Okay, this is going to be my very last question for you this year. However, if you know how to get on Classroom at your house, you might want to check in with me a few times this summer to see what I’m up to…trust me, it will be fun!

I am a city in the Northeast. I was the 24th most populated U.S. city in 2013. Major events from our American Revolution happened here, including a famous tea party. I was the home of the Sons of Liberty and the birthplace, home, and deathplace of Sam Adams. I have the oldest public park in the United States. I am home to a World Series winning baseball team and am sometimes called Bean Town. What city am I, and in which state would you find me?

I hope I still don’t have to say it, but put your name on your answer…pretty please?

Good luck!