Much better job and putting names on your answers, 4th graders! I hope you’ve been learning something as you’ve been looking up the answers to my questions.

Last week’s clue led you to the home of the “Crookedest Street in the World,” a former mining town, and the City by the Bay…


Was it too easy? Let’s make things a little harder! I’ve put some important words in italics to maybe help you figure out what to search. Here are your next clues:

The city is in a state that was once part of the Pony Express trail.  In fact, it once served as a Pony Express station before it became a city. It was once a fur trading post and then later an army fort during the Indian wars. Wagon trains used to resupply here on the Oregon Trail. There are two rivers nearby–the Laramie River and the North Platte River. Much of the history of the West passed right through this city! What city is this, and in which state is it?

Happy Hunting!