Wow! There were lots of answers for this question, too! So many were soooo close but were missing little things…like the city. And your name. Miss Fink is really good at looking at handwriting to find out who the paper belongs to, but I’m not very good at that. After all, this is what my handwriting looks like:

Anyway, here is the answer for last week’s question. I was looking for a city in the Black Hills that was once home to Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, and gunfights. The city I was looking for was….


This city is also the site of one of Miss Fink’s favorite movies, Calamity Jane. Here is a video from that movie about the state that is our home:

Okay, now it’s time for Question #3! I’m a city in a state  in the Southeast Region. I fought for the Confederate States during the Civil War! At one time, I was a colony for debtors. Anyone who owed money back in England would be sent to this colony in the United States to work off their debt. During the Civil War, General Sherman’s March to the Sea ended in my harbor. I am also the home state of the woman who founded the Girl Scouts of America. What city was she from, and in which state would you find this city?

AGAIN, don’t forget to put your name on your answer!!!!

~ Gordon