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Month: April 2015

Answer and Question for April 27

Well, what did you think? Was last week’s question too difficult? It was tricky, but I was confident that you would find the answer!

So the Pony Express station near an army fort along the Laramie River was…


Answer #4 and New Question!

Much better job and putting names on your answers, 4th graders! I hope you’ve been learning something as you’ve been looking up the answers to my questions.

Last week’s clue led you to the home of the “Crookedest Street in …

Answer #3 and Question #4

Hello, hello! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I didn’t…I was cooped up in my barn. Here in this classroom. Not going anywhere or doing anything (and no, I’m not the least bit bitter about it). And if …

Round 2 Answer and Question 3!

Wow! There were lots of answers for this question, too! So many were soooo close but were missing little things…like the city. And your name. Miss Fink is really good at looking at handwriting to find out who the paper …