Alrighty, kiddos! Time for Week 2 of “Gordon’s Magnificent, Globe-Trotting Question-mabobs” (I think that’s a super catchy name, don’t you?)

I am city in the Midwest, and my name has a very sinister ring to it. I got my name because of some trees that had once grown in a gulch right outside of town. I was founded during the Black Hills Gold Rush. I was a very good example of a lawless frontier town. Back in the cowboy days, there were actual gunfights on my streets and public hangings all the time! Two of my most famous residents were James “Wild Bill” Hickok and Calamity Jane. I am now a historic landmark–yes, the entire town is a landmark! What city am I, and in which state would you find me?

Remember to put your name and class on your answer!

~ Gordon