Good morning, kiddos, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Miss Fink introduced us earlier, but in case you’ve forgotten, my  name is Gordon. In case you want to know, here are some things about me:

1. I love to travel! Across the world, through time–it doesn’t matter to me!

2. I do not like tin cans. That is such a goat stereotype! I do, however, love leafy green salads.

3. I have a wife named Ginny. She hasn’t had the chance to travel like I have, but I’m trying to get Miss Fink to fix that.

If you ask any of the kids in fifth and sixth grade, they will know who I am. They will also tell you that I love to ask questions to get you to learn more about places on this earth. Miss Fink has decided to do things a little differently this year. Since you have Chromebooks, she has made me a blog!

Here is how this will work. Each week, I will write a post that has information about a specific town. You will use your Chromebook to try to find the answer between Monday and Friday. Don’t share your answer with your classmates–keep it to yourself! After the week is over, Miss Fink will draw one correct answer from each class to win a prize. I think it will be lots of fun this year.

Are you ready for your first clues? Here we go!

This is a city in the United States. I’ve actually been to this city before! This city is very special because it is a living history museum. That means it is set up exactly like it was over 100 years ago. It was once a capital of its colony, but now it isn’t a capital anymore. If you had been there in its heyday, you might have run into Thomas Jefferson! Our third, fifth, and tenth presidents all went to college in this town! For your answer, make sure you include the city and state!

See you soon!