I Shrunk! ~Katelyn~

If I could shrink down to 3 inches tall, I would go to my best friends house, who was also, 3 inches tall. We would build “houses out of Lincon logs,and sneak food that was in the fridge and I lived with my best friend. Then after awhile I got bored,I wanted another friend so I went to my other friends house and asked her if she wanted to come to my house, of course, she said yes. So, we went back to my other friends house, then we build another bigger house out of lincon logs, this time we made beds, which was made out of cotton balls. We also had windows, they were made out of, Lego windows. We had a normal house with a kitchen,a bathroom,a living room, and a bedroom. This time instead of sneaking food we went to the store,and stole bits of food and we would come home and eat. We had a pet snail georgia, ate cabbage, carrots , celery, raw onions(made me cry.),and organic leaves.
We lived a happy life explored more, ate more did everything more and yes, we had a fun time together until we got older as we grew we became taller, and taller and decided that we were midgets in human form we were sick of having to build house constantly, over, and ,over again. So we left each other.

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