My Story

Once upon a time there was a guy that  went to the hospital because he got amnesia he was so messed up that when he got to the hospital he said to his mother you are kidnapping me help.After that he tried to sing the ABC’s.Here is how it went A G D J K H G H K I T U T R E 1 4 K Y P L M N F G H R E Q Q Q A W E T I U B H L.His mom laughed so hard he yelled what are you doing.Then he cried I don’t know my name what is it.When he went home they had a bonfire he was so messed up he kissed the bonfire.He started screaming and ran into a tree.He said oww where is my medicine he swallowed it whole without a drink he started gagging like a dog then he acted like he was riding on a horse.After that he went into the bathroom and was drinking out of the toilet he was acting like a dog.After that he was doing the army crawl because he thought he was so tall so he did the army crawl under a 20ft high building.

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