Happy Football Day

Did you know on football day a lot people get injured.One thing like  football day is when the  sorcerer and they get a point and I like when they scorer .I like when the other team gets hurt .It is

!Happy New York Yankee!

!New York Yankee Day!

Did you know Yankees won twenty-six World Series? They have the best player today Derek Jeter. He is the best player because he can nail a home run. They had legendary player Babe Ruth! They won

Happy Cat’s Day

Why we should celebrate Cat’s Day? First of all, cats lay down in the sun because it is relaxing to them. Second they are colorful. They are cute because the have a small face and paws, they also have cute …

Happy Gods Day

Have you ever heard of Gods Day? He fills our hearts with joy and he died on the cross for our souls.The way we should celebrate gods day is to help other people and he is our father. He made …

Happy Bigfoot Day

Have you ever wanted to see Bigfoot? We should celebrate bigfoot because he comes out from hiding. On bigfoot day we will climb on him because he will like it. On Bigfoot Day we celebrate Bigfoot by seeing who is …

Happy Ice Cream Day

Have you ever tried ice cream? We should celebrate Ice Cream Day because it has lots of flavors. Another reason is you can eat it and write a letter. Another reason is it is so sweet. It is important because


Have you ever wondered when mustaches would be recognized?

On mustache day mustaches are appreciated unlike every other day. Secondly,Mustaches are the number 1# Facial Hair,so I mustache why don’t they have their own Holiday? When I create Mustache-Day everyone …

Happy Game Day

Have you ever played Five Nights at Freddy’s ?   First of all ,  you can play your games all day. Secondly , you can get free games. The third thing is you can play with your family and friends. I

Happy Cardinals Day

Would you like to be a Cardinals player? on Cardinals Day you can. First of all, they won the World Series three times. Playing baseball,wearing red, buying bats and gloves,And ,buying baseball,these are good things to do on Cardinals Day. …

Happy Basketball Day

Why would you not want basketball day? You can slam dunk over people. Second you can win a free scooter if you do a front flip slam dunk. If you make 10 three pointers you win $5 does this not …