spring list

I would just be raking leaves at my house to clean the outside. Me and my family are going to watch netflix on the tv to watch a movie on it. At the night my family and me eat and


Summer is the best season ever ! You get swim in summer and eat ice cream.  Also, you don’t have to wear jackets. In summer you can go to the beach. Summer you can ride golf carts. It is hotter



If I could move anywhere else I would move to South Carolina. I would move there to see stuff.I would also want to move there so I can see how the food is  there. Also to see new …

If I was President

If I was president I would would make a humongous gymnastics room with 100 basketball hoops. Then It would be the size of Alaska .  There would be millions of people there. I would have about 9,999 people to teach

If you Moved

If i moved somewhere else i would move to Mexico it is a beautiful place to be and to talk to people get a dog and a cat to live with me and bring my wife and live in the