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Summer is the best season ever ! You get swim in summer and eat ice cream.  Also, you don’t have to wear jackets. In summer you can go to the beach. Summer you can ride golf carts. It is hotter

If I was President

If I was president I would would make a humongous gymnastics room with 100 basketball hoops. Then It would be the size of Alaska .  There would be millions of people there. I would have about 9,999 people to teach

Gymnastics day


I would be a amazing spy because I am flexible. If someone would come i would Do a front flip and kick him.   My name is flexy. I am also Very quiet. Then I would steal everything . Thats …


#1 Back in then they needed to see because when ships came by people needed to see because they didn’t have a gps or head lights .Know they are used to look at and most of them still work.      #3 …