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  March, 31



  I think summer is the best. Here are my reasons: First, you get a break from school. Secondly, you get to go swimming. My third and final reason is: You can ride your bike and visit your

Tree Day

Tree Day

By:Nathaniel Martin

Have you thought about trees and what they give us. They gives so many things, here are just a few:  treehouses, wood, maple syrup, houses, and paper. They give homes to many, many animals. Without trees …


No, I would not be a good agent. I always run into stuff. I walk loudly. I trip a lot. Finally when I hide they find me.…

11/19 story

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Bob. He was going to Chicago to get stitches. It all started when He crossed the street he got hit by a bus. The doctor had to give him 234 stitches! …