3 Inches Tall

If I was 3 inches tall i would use a paperclip as a sword, I would fly bees and butterflies. I live in a Lincoln log house and wear doll clothes. i would go to the store and steal a …

If I was 3 inches

Monday 3-30  I would have a ants for slaves.I would have sleigh with a mouse for a ride everywhere i’ll bribe him with cheese. I would have to lock up the cat or ride the cat..So then I would sneak



  March, 31



  I think summer is the best. Here are my reasons: First, you get a break from school. Secondly, you get to go swimming. My third and final reason is: You can ride your bike and visit your


March  32


I going to church on sunday for summer. On Friday i’m going outside and having ice cream. On Saturday I am going to sleep all day till dinner is done. Then I am going to stay up all …