May 22, 2017 - Mrs. Keigher

Monday, May 22 Assignments:

Science: Roller coaster Final Day of Construction – Test runs begin Tomorrow.

Social Studies: Zombie Apocalypse Geography Project; Thursday 5/25Friday 5/26 – Project Presentation

Mrs. Meyer Language Arts- Speeches all week

Literature- The Watsons Go to Birmingham all week
Mrs. Lustfeldt LA: Work on Park Presentation in class.

Park Presentation on Google Slides (due Thursday)
Project Journal entry for today (Project Journal is due Friday)
Algebra: Semester exam Study Guide #2-12 even; exam begins Thursday; online practice test available for EC
Adv Math/Math: House Design projects; Presentations begin Thursday

In Class- Online Grading Rubric for the 4th Quarter.
Please Complete if you were absent.