• September 6, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    Sept. 6 Homework Assignments

    Social Studies:  Continents/Oceans Quiz    First Portfolio Due:  Sept. 15

    Mr. Kimmel’s Language Arts:  Simple Predicates W.S.

    Mrs. Tilstra’s Language Arts:  NONE

    Science:  Reviewed in Class Today for Thursday’s Chapter 1 Quiz!

    Math:  Began Metric Conversions Today (No HW)

    Advanced Math:  …

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  • September 2, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    Sept. 2 Homework

    Science:  Dichotomus Keys  (WS 21/91) 

    Mr. Kimmel’s Language Arts:  Edmodo.com Paragraph

    Mrs. Tilstra’s Language Arts:  NONE

    Social Studies:  NONE  (Portfolio Due Sept. 15) 

    Math:  Quiz Today in Class (Optional Extra Credit Due Tuesday)

    Advanced Math:  Due to Early Out:  Class …

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  • September 1, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    Sept. 1 Homework

    Math:  Finish License Plates!  (Due Tomorrow)

    Advanced Math:  Finish License Plate!  (Due Tomorrow)

    Social Studies:  Map work in class.  (1st Portfolio: Due Friday Sept. 16)

    Mr. Kimmel’s Language Arts:  Simple Subjects W.S.

    Mrs. Tilstra’s Language Arts:  Complete Subjects/Predicates W.S. 2 …

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  • August 31, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    August 31 Homework Assignments

    Social Studies:  Cornell Notes  (P. 16  Ch. 1-3)

    Math:  License Plate Due Friday

    Advanced Math:  License Plate Due Friday

    Mr. Kimmel’s Language Arts:  Simple Subject W.S.

    Mrs. Tilstra’s Language Arts:  Complete Subjects/Predicates (1st page only)

    Literature:  Finish reading “Seventh Grade”…

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  • August 30, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    August 30 Homework Assignments

    Science:  W.S. 26  (Took notes in class over Chapter 1, Section 2)

    Literature:  Gracie Poems  (Do illustration, check 3rd person point of view, and check rhyme scheme for tomorrow)

    Mrs. Tilstra’s Language Arts:  “Kinds of Sentences”  W.S.  P. 17/18

    Mr. …

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  • August 29, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    August 29 Homework Assignments

    Math:  Pick 15 Problems  (W.S. 1-1 Estimation Strategies)

    Advanced Math:  Pick 15 Problems Including 21 & 22  (W.S. 1-1) 

    Mr. Kimmel’s Language Arts:  Revise Paragraph 

    Mrs. Tilstra’s Language Arts:  Kinds of Sentences W.S.  (First Page Only)

    Science:  Read Chapter 1, …

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  • August 26, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    Aug. 26 Homework Assignments

    Mrs. Tilstra’s English:  Complete “This is Me” W.S.

    Mr. Kimmel’s English:  W.S. 1  (Kinds of Sentences)  Front Side Only

    Math:  None

    Advanced Math:  None

    Literature:  Graphic Organizer for Poem

    Science:  Finish Reading Section 1 and Note-Taking W.S. In Class    (Do …

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  • August 25, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    August 25 Homework Assignments

    Math:  Get rules signed and return them!

    Literature:  Rules and parent contact information due by Monday.

    Social Studies:  Organize binder 

    Science:  Read P. 6-10  & Do Section 1 (Parts A, B, C) on Note-taking W.S.

    Mrs. Tilstra’s Language Arts:  Rules …

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  • August 15, 2011 - Mr. Kimmel

    Welcome Back! 2011-2012

    Welcome back 7th Graders! 

    First Day of School:  Wednesday August 24  (1/2 Day)

    School Supply List: 

    Blue/Black Ball Point Pens – 1 Package  (Not Gel or Other Colored Ink)

    5 Spiral Notebooks

    5 Pocket Folders

    #2 Lead Pencils- 1 Package  …

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