• May 18, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 18 Homework

    Math:  In Class:  Area of Composite Figures   HW:  None

    Adv. Math:  In Class:  Probability Introduction   HW:  None

    Science:  In class Fish Model, Interior Fish Model is due on Thur. 5/21

    SS:  Terrible, Awful Civil War   HW: None

    English:  Finished Theme …

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  • May 15, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 15 Homework

    Math:  Circle Area/Circumference Assessment in Class Today  HW:  TenMarks.Com Extra Credit

    Adv. Math:  Algebra Readiness Test in Class   HW:  None

    SS:  Read P. 499-503, 512-517  By Monday

    English/Lit:  ELA PARCC Assessment #2 in Class Today  HW:  None

    Science:  Fish Project …

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  • May 14, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 14 Homework

    Math:  Prepare for Tomorrow’s Assessment:  Draw a Circle using a Compass, Calculate Circumference, and Calculate Area.    Also: TenMarks.Com EC  option “Solving for Unknown Angles”

    Adv. Math:  TenMarks.Com EC Option  (Due Friday)

    Science:  In class Splendors of the Sea Video, Ideas …

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  • May 13, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 13 Homework

    Math:  Circle Area/Circumference Work in Class    HW:  Assessment on Friday:  Draw a Circle, and then Calculate Area and Circumference.

    Adv Math:  No Homework  (PARCC Recap)

    Science:   In class Read p402-406 WS46/47 done in class is the Rubric for you fish …

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  • May 12, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 12 Homework

    Math:  No Homework  (PARCC Testing Today in Library)

    Adv. Math:  No Homework  (PARCC Testing Today in Library)

    SS:  No Homework  (PARCC Testing Today in Library)

    Science:  No Class 1st & 2nd Hour PARCC Testing, 3rd hour Deep Oceans, HW: All …

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  • May 11, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 11 Homework

    Math:  Circle Area Work in Class    HW:  None

    Adv. Math:  TenMarks (10 Problems)  “Area, Volume, Surface Area

    SS:  In Class: View Common Craft videos   HW: None

    Science:   In class: Splendors of the Sea, Ideas for fish model, Cereal box for …

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  • May 8, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 8 Homework

    Math:  W.S. (Circumference)  Show your work!

    Adv. Math:  Volume/Area Partner Work in Class  HW:  None

    Science:  In Class:  Classification Lab   HW:  None

    SS:  In Class: Finish Civil War Scavenger Hunt/Why Did We Fight?

    HW: Why Did We Fight? Primary Source …
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  • May 7, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 7 Homework

    Math:  Circumference Work in Class    HW:  Drawings Due Tomorrow

    Adv. Math: W.S.  (Volume of Prisms)

    Science: In class: Classification Lab   HW:  None

    SS:  In Class – Civil War Scavenger Hunt   HW: None

    English/Lit:  Read Chapter 10 &   Main Idea Vs. …

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  • May 6, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 6 Homework

    Math:  Last Day of Scale Drawing Work in Class (Due Friday)

    Adv. Math:  “Finding Area”  10 Problems on TenMarks.Com

    Science:  In class: Planet Earth Shallow Seas Intro into Fish unit  (No HWK)


    Eng/Lit:  Ch. 9 Comprehension Questions Due Tomorrow…

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  • May 5, 2015 - Mr. Kimmel

    May 5 Homework

    Math:  Scale Drawing Work in Class (Due Friday)

    Adv. Math:  Volume Work in Class HW:  None

    SS:  In Class: Filming  Videos   HW: None

    Science: C12 Test  HW:  None  Reminder Cereal Box needed by 5/15 for Fish Project

    English/Lit: Finish Sub …

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