Tuesday January 9

7th Grade — Plays in the county tournament tonight against Watseka at 6:30 pm at Nash! Bus time is 5:20 pm.
8th Grade — Plays in the county tournament tonight against Crescent City in Watseka at 6:30 pm. Bus time will be 5:15 pm.

Wrestling: Practice 3:30-6:00

Volleyball: Game @ Woodsworth against Crescent City at 5:30. Bus time will be 4:40. Good luck ladies!

Track:  There will be a meeting for Track on today after announcements during advisory.  It will be in the gym.  Coach Buck is going ot hand out information about open gyms for January and February.  If you aren’t sure that you want to do track or not, please come to the meeting to learn more about it.  Thursday.  First Open Gym from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.  Make sure you have running shoes, water, and your ride is here at 5!

PE: Tuesday- Bring your Chromebook to class today

Art Club: 8th grade art club will meet this Wednesday until 4:30pm.

Mr. Lustfeldt’s class – bring colored pencils today

Happy Birthday:  Happy Birthday today to Cristian Pina and Jordan Cuevas!!!  Happy Birthday!!!

Don’t Punt; Go For It:  The second officer of the Titanic, who survived by swimming from the sinking ship to a capsized raft, later in life sailed his civilian craft to Dunkirk and helped evacuate over 130 men.  What a hero!!!

Lunch For Today:  Salisbury Steak, Noodles, Green Beans, Pineapple, Dinner Roll, & Milk

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