Monday September 11

Baseball:  Practice 3:45-6:00pm.  Do not forget that Boys’ Baseball Regionals fire up tomorrow at White Field at 4:30 vs Momence.  Good luck in the 1st round tomorrow, Raiders!!!

Cross Country: Practice this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30.

Girls’ Basketball:  Practice from 3:30-5:30 pm.

Mr. Kimmel’s Math Classes:  Please bring a dry erase marker to class today!

Advisory Packet:  Please remember that you received a packet that needs to go home.  These packets need to be returned by Thursday at the latest.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Happy Birthday:  Happy Birthday today to Jose Espinosa!!!

Don’t Punt; Go For It:  Do you ask questions?  One issue that you need to seek is clarity.  Make it a goal to ask questions.  Now, I am not talking about asking questions to sidetrack or get off topic or asking questions about things that have already been answered.  Listen intently and seek to ask engaging questions.  More times than not, by asking clarifying questions, you can find the answers you need to get a project started and finished.  Make it a goal to ask more worthwhile questions.

Lunch For Today: Beef tacos on tortilla with lettuce, cheese, and salsa, refried beans, strawberries, pretzels, and milk

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