Thursday September 7

Student Council: Student Council application forms are in the office. All forms must be submitted to Mrs. Meyer by Friday, September 8. You may submit forms at Friday’s meeting. If you have already submitted your form, please join us Friday at 7:45a.m. in Mrs. Meyer’s room.

Keyboarding: Please bring colored pencils with you to class today.

Baseball:  Today, the Raiders will play against Prairie Central in Forrest @ 4PM.  Players need to be dismissed at 2:35 and the bus will leave at 2:45.  Good Luck, Raiders!!!

Cross Country: Practice this evening from 3:30-5:30pm.

Girls’ Basketball:  Practice from 3:30-5:30 pm.

Star Testing:  Remember that this week is Star Testing.  Remember to take this test seriously and try and achieve the best score possible.  Take your time, think it out and answer wisely.  Best wishes on a great Star Score!!!

Advisory Packet:  Today, you will receive a packet that needs to go home, get filled out by a parent, and returned to school.  These packets need to be returned either tomorrow or at the latest, next Thursday.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Early Out:  Please remember that tomorrow is an half-day of school and that you will eat lunch at home.

Don’t Punt; Go For It:  The deepest part of the ocean has been measured at a little over 36,000 feet in depth.  This is in an area of the Marianas Trench called the Challenger Deep.  That would mean that you could dip Mount Everest into the Challenger Deep and the mountain would still be covered by 5,000 feet of water.  That’s almost 7 miles deep!!!

Lunch For Today: Turkey and cheese on bun, carrots, applesauce, goldfish, and milk

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