Celebrate My Drive Contest – Let’s Win $25,000-$100,000 for IWHS

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Did you know car crashes are the #1 cause of injury among teens? It’s time to spread awareness of the dangers of distracted driving!

October 15 – 24 Iroquois West will compete in the State Farm-sponsored CELEBRATE MY DRIVE event, which promotes distraction-free driving.  Our school could win some BIG prizes, including $25,000-$100,000 or a concert with a chart-topping musical artist!

Participating is easy – simply visit celebratemydrive.com, answer a few questions regarding safe driving, and vote for IW!  You can vote once per day per each of your valid email addresses.

Last year, the winner was Eureka High School.  Why shouldn’t IW stake a claim to this year’s prizes?  It’s going to take the entire community to be victorious.  Pledge to take just a few minutes of each day to vote and ask your family members and neighbors to do the same!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Today is the last day to vote for Celebrate My Drive!!! We can’t give up!! Vote everyone!


Play practice on Monday Act 1, Scenes 1 & 2. Everyone in these scenes must be in attendance.


There will be a fan bus going to tonight’s football game at Watseka. Sign up in the office and pay $5 by 1:00. The $5 includes the cost of the bus and the entry fee into the game. Go Raiders!


Senior Class trip $25 deposit is due next Friday, October 31st.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don’t forget to vote for Celebrate My Drive everyone! We are in the last few days! We need votes!!!


There will be a fan bus going to tomorrow night’s football game at Watseka. You need to sign up in the office and pay $5 by 1:00 tomorrow. The $5 includes the cost of the bus and the entry fee into the game.


Play practice tonight is all of Act II from 7-8 pm on the stage. Everyone needs to be there.


Chess club will be held in Mr. Rassi’s room #203, not the cafeteria.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Don’t forget to vote for Celebrate My Drive everyone! We are in the last few days! We need votes!!!


Play practice tonight is all of Act 2 from 7-8pm on the stage. Everyone must attend.


Attention IW students and wonderful faculty, tomorrow and Friday during both 5A and 5B lunches, hurry into the old gym for some of our world renowned bakery products and a cup of specialty coffee. Made with all natural products. Dough so soft, squishy and savory since 2014! Shake and bake!!! Operated by Logan, Kam and Chet!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Don’t forget to vote for Celebrate My Drive everyone!  We are still in the running!


We have sweets, we have treats, so come on down to ooh la la sweets boutique! Ooh La La Sweets Boutique’s specialties include Starbucks cupcakes, apple cider, hot chocolate and pumpkin spice cupcakes for your autumn season taste buds! Lunch time on Thursday, October 23rd and Monday, October 27th you will be able to purchase these yummy treats! So be on the lookout for pictures of these treats around the school. Prices will range from $1 to $2 so don’t forget your money on Thursday and Monday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate My Drive everyone! We have slipped slightly out of the top 50, but we are definitely still close enough to make a come back! We must be strong!!!!! It’s important to keep up our momentum! Vote, Vote, Vote!!!


Sophomore Day at the Career Center is tomorrow. The bus leaves at 7:45am. A list of students who signed up will be posted outside of Mr. Kantor’s office.


There is a Student Council meeting tomorrow during homeroom in the cafeteria. This meeting is only for UPPERCLASSMAN who signed up to help at Headstart this month.  If you are not an upperclassman on the list DO NOT ATTEND.   Your homeroom teachers have a list of who is eligible.

Technology is Fun at IWHS

Submitted by Ms. Monk

2014 Yearbook

The yearbook class is excited to start planning for the 2015 yearbook.  The senior group photo was taken this week and planning has begun on creating a theme and designing a cover.  A new feature in the 2015 yearbook will be access to short video clips using an app that can be downloaded to your phone. Information is being gathered to make this year’s yearbook the best ever.  Purchase yours today by seeing Mrs. Monk.

Do You Dream of Becoming a Business Owner?

Submitted by Ms. Miller

coop speaker 1

That’s exactly what some of Mrs. Miller’s Intro to Business students dream about and through her class they’re gaining pertinent information to help them discover how to make those dreams reality.

To assist the students in determining what type of business ownership would be most appropriate, real world information was provided by guest speaker Bob Dickey, who serves as the Vice President of Marketing at Eastern Illini Electric.  Mr. Dickey compared corporations to cooperatives and shared the many advantages of being a member/owner in a cooperative.  He also highlighted some of the most prosperous cooperatives in the nation—a few of which are located right here in Central Illinois.  To learn more about franchises, the class studied the life and actions of Ray Kroc, the wise and shrewd businessman responsible for making the McDonalds franchise and Golden Arches shockingly more recognizable worldwide than the Christian cross.

Friday, October 17, 2014


We need votes for Celebrate My Drive everyone! Go to www.celebratemydrive.com and help our high school win up to $100,000!


Sophomore Class: the back of your beef house roll order form is incorrect. You need to sell 10 items for a point – not 10 dozens items for a point!


Ms. Eighner’s 2nd hour English class needs to report to the cafeteria for today’s guest speaker.


Play practice on Monday is all of Act 1. Everyone needs to be there.


Thursday, October 16, 2014


Raider Nation – Oh no!  We’ve fallen off the Celebrate My Drive leader board.  We’re no longer in the money!  Vote today and everyday through next Friday


Teachers – please check all the Chromebooks in your room this hour: make sure each Chromebook has the correct ID label.


Raider Golfers will have a scramble and pizza party next Tuesday immediately after school at Shagbark. All uniforms and equipment MUST be turned in at that time.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The Celebrate My Drive contest opened online at midnight.  At 3:00 a.m. only 2,000 votes had been cast; by 8:00 a.m., the count had jumped to nearly 52,000.  Schools are obviously taking this seriously! Iroquois West isn’t even in the top 50 schools at this point.  We need every student, parent, and community member to vote each day with each of their email addresses.  It only takes a couple of minutes and the payoff is huge.  The NHS will be available over the lunch hours to assist with the voting process and your 8th hour teachers will provide time at the end of the day for you to vote.  Visit celebratemydrive.com!

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