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Last year Kindergarten learned phonics through the Fundations program. We are looking forward to implementing the first grade curriculum this year! The many skills students will be learning will help them to become excellent readers and writers! Check back for phonics and reading tips and tricks!

Due to a technology malfunction a lot of posts were lost from February to present. So sorry for the inconvenience!

Check out these phonics games!

Friday morning of Family Reading Spirit Week, first grade traded teachers and did three different activities associated with Eric Carle books.  This is one of those activities!

Our guest readers were fabulous! We heard so many great stories! Thanks to all who read to us!

Foundations homework helpers!! Click below for resources you can print off to help your child to practice letter formation and sounds for Unit 1.

unit 1 parent helpers

unit 2 parent helpers

unit 3 parent helpers

unit 4 parent helpers

unit 5 parent helpers

unit 6 parent helpers

unit 7 parent helpers

unit 8 parent helpers

unit 9 parent helpers

unit 10 parent helpers

unit 11 parent helpers

Reading games:

After Reading about Chrysanthemum’s name in the book by the same name, we found out our names are very special too!

These students are buddy reading during guided reading time!

Students worked together to make the trunk of the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree after reading the story and doing a variety of activities for the week. Then they worked on leaves and the letters for the tree!

First graders used their letter magnetic boards for the first time this week during our Fundations Lesson!