Reading intensifies in first grade. Students are expected to dig deep into what they read and answer tough questions about literature. Here are some skills your student is expected to master in reading this year.

  • Identify the title of a story/article/book.

What is the name of the story/article/book?

  • Identify the author of a story/article/book.

Who wrote the words?

  • Identify the illustrator of a story/article/book.

Who drew/painted the pictures?

  • Identify the characters in a story. 

Who is in the story?

  • Identify the setting of a story.

Where is the story taking place?

  • Identify the plot.

What happened at the beginning, middle, and end?

  • Identify the conflict/problem in a story.

What challenges were in the story?

  • Identify the resolution/solution to the problem.

What did the characters do to fix the problem? What else                            could they have done?

  • Comparing different stories.

How are 2 stories the same? How are they different?

  • Infer/Predict.

Students should use what they have already read in a story                         to make a guess about what will happen next.