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Are you Attentive?

Our character trait for the month of May is attentiveness. Mrs. Barnett visited the classroom with a variety of activities to test our attentiveness. Would you be surprised that many had some trouble really listening and following the direction for the different activities? Not really….especially since it is toward the end of the school year! However….we have lot to learn and do before summer break!!

Let’s Look at the Stars!

Mrs. Talbert visited the first grade classrooms to do many StarLab activities. We learned about stars, the sun, daylight in the summer and winter, and constellations! What a great way to learn about the mysteries of the sky!

So Sorry!

Due to a technology malfunction a lot of posts were lost from February to present. So sorry for the inconvenience!

Are you content?

Our character ed trait for this month is being content. We know this means being happy with what we have but not being greedy. Our service project is to set up a community library so others can enjoy books as much as we do. We are in need of books to put in the library. So…if you have any books your children are tired of please send them in for our new project!

The 100th Day of School

Look how much smarter we are after 100 days of school. We are better readers, math mathematicians, and problem solvers.

A Snowball Fight???

Mrs. Talbert’s class earned a drip drop party. After the voting was complete, we had hot chocolate and cookies and a snowball fight! Look for the flying snowballs!

Livestock? What’s that?

Mr. Larry, Ag in the Classroom, visited the first grade classrooms to discuss livestock. We learned about cows, pigs, chickens, etc. This lesson will help us to get ready for our trip to the FFA Animal Fair at the high school in February!

What’s for breakfast?

What is the most important meal of the day??? Breakfast!

What is the stick to your ribs breakfast food?  Oatmeal!!!

Mrs. Luhman talked about the importance of breakfast and some great choices to keep us focused and learning!

Are You Diligent?

Do you get started fast? Do you stay with something even if it’s hard? Do you keep practicing to become better?

Going to the Onarga Theater!

A special showing of Despicable Me 3 was shown at the Onarga Theater for all Iroquois West Elementary students in Gilman. While there, students enjoyed the movie, popcorn, and pop!. A special thank you to Mr. Harkins for this wonderful gift!

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