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What an Experiment?

What happens when you put candy corn in water, water and baking soda, water and salt, and water and vinegar? (Look for the picture on Twitter. #iwesraiders)


Learning About Pumpkins

Thank you, Mr. Larry for teaching us about pumpkins! During his visit we talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin, watched a video about the pumpkin capital of the world, read  book, had a yummy snack, and played a game!

How Many?

Look at how many pumpkin seeds were in our big pumpkin and our small pumpkin?

Apples, Apples, Apples

During Mr. Larry’s visit this month first grade learned about apples. Mr. Larry read a book, showed a video, helped us learn the life cycle, and make and label the parts of an apple!

The FCCLA Visits!

The high school FCCLA Club visited the elementary school. The high school students set up 8 centers where our students learned about Halloween safety!

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week was a success. Student dressed up for each theme day and learned about healthy choices rather than drugs!

Monday – Drugs are Despicable!

Tuesday – We like warm hugs, Not drugs!

Wednesday – Trollin’ along and being drug free!

Thursday – You know who you are, be drug free!

Friday – Drugs are a nightmare!

Drugs are Despicable!

Drugs are despicable and I would rather read, eat, play, jump, etc!

Let’s All Go To The Pumpkin Patch!

First grade walked to the pumpkin patch on the east side of town which is taken care of by the Keigher family. Students learned about the pumpkin life cycle, walked around the patch, played some games, and picked out a pumpkin. Then we played at Mann Park before walking back to school! Special thanks to the Keigher family!

Happy Principal’s Day, Mr. Harkins!

Friday, October 20th was Principal Day! We honored Mr. Harkins in the gym during our morning meeting. First Graders presented him with a book they authored called What Principals Can and Can’t Do!

Mrs. Luhman and Miss Raider

Mrs. Luhman brought a friend this month. Her name was Miss Raider and she has a problem. She doesn’t have any organs. Students helped Mrs. Luhman to put the Wise Guy organs inside of Miss Raider.

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