Our new math curriculum is called Eureka! We look forward to our students becoming master mathematicians!! Look back often for tips and tricks!!!

Way to go, Audra! Congratulations on completing the addition level on the XTRA Math website. Shee is advancing to the subtraction portion!

First grade is studying geometry. One of the tasks was to use pattern blocks to construct composite shapes. Composite shapes are ones created from more than one pattern block.


Way to go, Edwin! He completed the addition level on the XTRA Math website. He is advancing to the subtraction portion!

Module 3 is our measuring unit. So far we have measured with string, centimeter cubes, a centimeter ruler, and paper clips!

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Looking for help to understand our new math curriculum. Here they are:

Home Work Helpers Module 1

HWH Mod 1 Part 2

Home Work Helpers Module 2

Home Work Helpers Module 3

Home Work Helpers Module 4

Home Work Helpers Module 5

Home Work Helpers Module 6

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How are number sentences related? Same addend? Doubles? Doubles plus 1? Same sum? Students investigated all of these ways and more!

Students in Mrs. Talbert’s class were practicing their doubles facts using the best resource ever….their hands!

During the math meeting held on September 7th, Mrs. Carlson talked about our new math series. During this meeting she introduced the helpful math homework sheets in Google Classroom. If you go to the homepage for IW Elementary and click on the parent info tab, the first choice is the Parent Math Resources!!!!

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Check out this website for information about Eureka Math!


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