Basic Addition:

We encourage students to use different methods to solve addition equations. Methods we have learned how to use this year, so far, include:

  • counting objects (coins, blocks, cereal, rocks, etc.)
  • drawing a picture (We draw circles because they are quick and easy to draw. We can color in some of the circles to show the next group we are adding to the first.)
  • using a number line (We encourage students to start with the larger number and the smaller number is the number of jumps they should make on the number line.)
  • Checking to make sure the answer makes sense. (use a different method to check your work so you do not make silly mistakes)
  • Using facts with a sum of 10(students should know the facts that make 10…they can use these facts to solve other addition facts)
  • Using doubles (students use the doubles facts to quickly add number together by looking for equations that are close to a doubles fact)