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Can we be helpful?

Mrs. Barnett helped us to understand what it means to be helpful to others with the help of the Berenstein Bears. Our service project this month is to bring in new pillowcases so a group can make them into dresses …

Dairy? What’s Dairy?

Students discovered, with the help of Mrs. Luhman, that dairy is anything that comes from cows’ milk like: milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. We enjoyed a snack of string cheese, colby jack cheese, and crackers!

Dr. Seuss Week

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss. In honor of his birthday students participated in a variety of daily activities. Each activity was associated with one of his books. For instance we wore our favorite hats for Cat in the Hat! A special …

Max and Molly

Max and Molly came to the first grade classrooms to teach about body safety with a little help from Mrs. Barnett and Coach Harris.

What Do You Know About Wheat?

Mr. Larry took us thru the steps to make wheat flour. He showed students the different parts of the wheat plant. Students took the head off of the stalk: then they had to get the seeds out of the seed …

What is Your Favorite Farm Animal?

Mrs. Talbert’s class surveyed Miss Kurtenbach’s class to find out their favorite farm animal! The favorite, by only a few votes, was……..the horse!

Let’s Go to the FFA Animal Fair!

The high school held their annual FFA Animal Fair on Thursday! First grade was excited to see all of the animals and sit on the tractor! Thank you, FFA, for all of your hard work!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! What a great party from passing out and reading valentines to having a yummy snack to 3 centers including sight word bingo, a STEM activity, and a candy heart game! Thanks to allwho helped make …

Are you content?

Our character ed trait for this month is being content. We know this means being happy with what we have but not being greedy. Our service project is to set up a community library so others can enjoy books as …

The 100th Day of School

Look how much smarter we are after 100 days of school. We are better readers, math mathematicians, and problem solvers.

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