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Visiting the GHC!

Mrs. Talbert’s class visited the Gilman Healthcare Center on Friday afternoon. While there students played games to give them the experience of what it might be like to have a sight problem, an inability to use a dominant hand, and …

Book Ed Pizza Party

If you competed 5 out of the 6 months of the Book Ed program you got to visit Pizza Palace for some pizza! YUM!


Let’s Go Mail a Letter

First graders walked to the Gilman Post Office to mail the letters they wrote to next year’s first graders in Mr. Miller’s Class. While there we toured the post office and got to see the back room where the mail …

Skeeter the Clown

Skeeter the Clown visited our school to promote the upcoming circus which will be visiting Durham Park in Onarga! During her visit she performed several tricks. She had 2 students participate in a balancing act. What fun!

Good-bye Chicks!

We started with 32 eggs. After about 21 days 26 of them hatched. We were sad when one of those did not make it in the brood box. On Friday we said good-bye to 25 of our chirping friends. They …

The Middle School Band

Mr. Kurk brought the Middle School Band to our building! Students enjoyed learning about the different instrument families and hearing 2 songs.

Third Grade Program

WOW! First grade was amazed by the amount of knowledge the third grade students had about the United States of America! From the posters, to the songs, to the dancing…way to go third grade!

How Much Money Did We Collect?

Let’s find out how much money we collected for the Rainforests in Madagascar? We walked to the bank, listened to a story, toured the bank, collected over $300 between all of the classes, and got an activity book! Thanks to …

Touring Hometown!

First grade walked to Hometown for a tour of the store. We saw all of the areas of the store including the office, the freezer, the bakery, the meat department, and the register area! As we were leaving we got …

It’s RIF time!

How exciting!!! It’s RIF time which means all students got not 1 but 2 free books to enjoy for ever and ever!!!! Thank you, Mrs. Miller!

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