First Grade

Mrs. Talbert, Mrs. McMillan, and Mrs. Leydens

Month: April 2018

Visiting the Library

First grade went on a town field trip to the Gilman Library. While there we went on a tour, listened to stories, sang songs, and did the movements to the songs. Did you know you can use your library card …

Happy Birthday, Pepto!

First graders celebrated one of the Wise Guys birthdays during Mrs. Luhman’s April visit. It was Pepto the Stomach’s birthday so students learned about his importance in their bodies. We enjoyed a snack and played a birthday party game.  Mrs. …

Ever Flown a Kite?

After reading a Scholastic News, I was surprised to discover many of my students have never seen a kite or seen one being flown in the sky. Therefore, we decided it was something we needed to do. Students were put …

Are You Gentle?

The characteristic for the month of April is gentle. Mrs. Barnett came and spoke to us about how to be gentle in our actions and our words. Our project for the month is to find a way to be gentle …

Hoppy Easter!

Thanks to all of the helpers to make our Easter party great. Students played games, ate a snack, and searched for eggs.

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