First Grade

Mrs. Talbert, Mrs. McMillan, and Mrs. Leydens

Month: February 2018

Are you content?

Our character ed trait for this month is being content. We know this means being happy with what we have but not being greedy. Our service project is to set up a community library so others can enjoy books as …

The 100th Day of School

Look how much smarter we are after 100 days of school. We are better readers, math mathematicians, and problem solvers.

A Snowball Fight???

Mrs. Talbert’s class earned a drip drop party. After the voting was complete, we had hot chocolate and cookies and a snowball fight! Look for the flying snowballs!

Livestock? What’s that?

Mr. Larry, Ag in the Classroom, visited the first grade classrooms to discuss livestock. We learned about cows, pigs, chickens, etc. This lesson will help us to get ready for our trip to the FFA Animal Fair at the high …

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