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Thanks to all of our Veterans!

During the Veterans Day assembly the veterans told us about the history of the day, folded a flag while telling what each fold means, and played taps. The first grade signed The Pledge of Allegiance!

Let’s Listen!

to many great guest readers for Family Reading Week! We appreciate all of the great books! Look on the reading page for more guest readers!

Only One You

The high school art club visited on Friday, November 10th to do an art project with the elementary students in first thru third grade. They began the presentation with a story called Only One You. Next, they helped student create …

Are you kind?

Our virtue this month is kindness. Mrs. Barnett visited the first grade classrooms to talk about what it means to be kind. Our service project for the month is to create cards to be sent to a veterans home.

Mrs. Luhman’s November Visit

Mrs. Luhman talked about many foods served for Thanksgiving dinner. She concentrated on turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. We enjoyed a pumpkin pudding snack!

Welcoming the Veterans!

The IW Elementary School students have been getting ready for the veterans who will be visiting our building on Monday!

Who Is The Mummy?

Several IW staff were TPed by students during our Halloween collection of Labels for Education! Over 2000 labels were collected! Way to go!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the party! We appreciate you!

What an Experiment?

What happens when you put candy corn in water, water and baking soda, water and salt, and water and vinegar? (Look for the picture on Twitter. #iwesraiders)


Learning About Pumpkins

Thank you, Mr. Larry for teaching us about pumpkins! During his visit we talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin, watched a video about the pumpkin capital of the world, read  book, had a yummy snack, and played a …

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