From Left to Right: Rodger Bennett, Tony Miller, Domitila Garcia, Vicki Killus, Norma Classen, Dave Haase, and Kyle Kraft.

David Haase – President (Open Meetings Act Certification)

Tony Miller (not pictured) Open Meetings Act Certification

Kyle Kraft РSecretary

Norma Classen (Governance Certification, Open Meetings Act Certification, PERA Certification)

Rodger Bennett (FOIA Certification)

Vicki Killus – Vice President


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  1. To the Board of Directors,

    I want to thank those of you to whom I spoke regarding the increase in class size for the third grade. I know several others contacted some of you as well, and we do appreciate you listening to our concerns.

    Several of us did meet with Mr. Keigher Monday morning and with Dr. Dvorak tonight (March 23) and we feel there was a good exchange of information. They did not hesitate to hear our concerns and I appreciate their time.

    We know you met and discussed many options during your strategic planning session regarding the current budget crisis. We think it may be helpful to hear what this community’s priorities are for the academic future of all of our children (K-12) while you are making the incredibly tough (and usually unpopular) decisions that need to be made. There are many, many people out there who feel academics are the top priority.

    I have the highest respect for our top-notch administration and teachers and know they have the best intentions and genuine concern for all of our students. I am confident they will do what is necessary to help our children to receive the highest quality education possible, within the means of the budget constraints.

    The next few years will not be easy for any of you and I want to thank you for your efforts. Please continue to listen as we ALL struggle through this process.


    Rita Fink

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