Springfield Super-Bill

Springfield is currently debating a super-bill which would be five separate bills written together for one vote, either they all pass or they all fail.  They are supposed to vote on this super-bill this week in committee and then on the Senate and House floor shortly after.

One of the items in this super-bill is a property tax freeze for two years.  We all know the burden of taxes and a property tax freeze is very popular with voters.  What they are not stating publicly is that this is not a “FREEZE” but a tax “SWAP”.  Another part of this super-bill is to raise our income tax rates back up to 5% like it was a few years ago.

Springfield does not receive any of your property tax dollars, they stay in the community supporting your local schools, community college, libraries, park district, etc.  These dollars employ people in our community, and support the local economy.  Your income tax however, goes straight to Springfield as they try to pay off an $11 billion backlog of past due bills. Springfield is attempting to sacrifice your local school funding in order to raise your income taxes.

If you rent, you will not see the property tax relief but you will pay more in income tax.  Most of us who own homes will see a tax swap, paying close to the same amount of taxes, but less going to our local community and more going to the State of Illinois.

As a citizen, it is your choice as to whether you want to see your tax dollars in Springfield, or staying here in Iroquois County.  If you want to voice your opinion on what the super-bill will do to our community, please contact our legislators immediately.  I discussed my concerns with Rep. Bennett last week.  I think it is extremely important to educate our community on how it would be affected by this super-bill.


Illinois State Representative Thomas Bennett                 Illinois State Senator Jason Barickman
Watseka office                                                                         Bloomington Office
342 W. Walnut St.                                                                  3004 G.E.Road, Suite 1B
Watseka, IL 60970                                                                 Bloomington, Il 61704
815.432.0106                                                                           309.661.2788
tom@tom4illinois.com                                                          jason@jasonbarickman.org


If you are not in these districts, use this site to find your legislators


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