The main complaint from business and industry about those entering the modern workforce is that they lack the necessary work ethic to be good workers.  One of the responsibilities of educators is to prepare the student to enter the work force or to acquire further education that will enable them to enter the work force.  Therefore, the purpose of these Policies and Procedures is to help you, the future worker, develop or improve your work habits.

  1. Students will arrive to class at the set time.  Students not in their seats when the bell rings will receive a tardy.  (Industry will dock your pay.)
  2. Students will bring necessary materials to class with them.  Be prepared!
  3. All book assignments and in-class writing will be done in on a full sheet of paper.  Handwriting must be neat and legible.  All outside writing assignments will be typed in MLA format.  Any assignment not meeting these criteria WILL NOT BE GRADED.  (Inferior products are returned to the factory and no payment is made for them.)
  4. All work must meet specified deadlines.  Assignments not in the tray by the end of the school day (3:30pm) on the due date will be docked by 50%. (If you miss a deadline in industry, your customers will do business with those who can deliver on time.)
  5. One day for each day of an excused absence will be allowed for make-up work.  Any assignment due on the day of an absence will be due the day you return.
  6.  Students will remain seated until the teacher dismisses the class.
  7. Students will treat each other and the teacher with respect at all times.  Stereotyping, bigotry, racism, sexism, and plain rudeness WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  (The business world is full of people that are not like you.)
  8. Students will take responsibility for their actions.


Required Materials:  The following items will be needed for Ms. Eighner’s classes:

1 three-ring binder with five dividers

loose-leaf notebook paper

small post-it notes

composition notebook


Consequences for Violation of Policies:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Copy (writing out by hand) Policies and Procedures two times during class while sitting in the office.  Student and Principal signature required.
  3. Copy (writing out by hand) Policies and Procedures three times while sitting in the office.  Return with Guardian signature the next day.
  4. Guardian phone contact by teacher.  Detention given.
  5. Office Referral and detention given.

Severe Clause:  Students may be referred to the office at any time for severe classroom disruptions.