English II

Class Overview

Daily Procedures

During the first five minutes of every class, students will complete a daily bell ringer exercise which will focus on writing and grammar. This earns the student daily participation points.


Daily homework assignments are considered completion points. This means, if you complete the assignment and turn it in by the specified due date, you earn all of the 15 possible points. Homework is practice; doing it will help you on tests and bigger projects that are worth more points.  Please consult your Policies and Procedures for proper homework submission. Completion points do not apply to projects, tests and quizzes.


First, please check your student handbook as to what is considered an “excused” absence. Field trips are prearranged absences; this means any homework that is due on the day of a field trip or is assigned on the day of a field trip must be turned in and/or picked up before going on the trip.

Students will find “absent” folders in the back of the room, hanging on the chalkboard. If you are absent, on the day you return go to your class’ folder to look for any notes, handouts, or worksheets that you missed. Also, check the lesson plan book for any other homework assignments that you missed. Don’t forget to check your email! If you have questions after checking all of these places, then ask.

Literature Covered

As a class we will read two novels, The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Animal Farm by George Orwell.  We will read a science-fiction short story unit; along with novels that follow the hero’s journey. Students will choose books to complete independent reading on Fridays.

Students will complete various writing assignments, including two research papers, to go correspond with each piece of literature.