November 6, 2017 - Mrs. Endres


Reading:  Read 20 minutes

5A: be sure your Sign of the Beaver journal is up to date; add the vocab word, grouse

5B: Read Ch 12; Do voc #8-14 – due Wed.

5C: read Sign of the Beaver, Ch. 15-17; journal work

Social Studies:

5A: put New England Colonies on map

5B: ws P. 43 – use textbook

5C:  pgs. 182-185, do map skills, reading checks, & diagram skill

Science:  Biodiversity  Study-use newspaper to fill in chart & do crossword (Mon./Tues. in class)

English: Irregular Verb Slide due tomorrow; VERB TEST 11/14

Math:  none – unless test is not signed – due today


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