Welcome Middle School Band!

The band lady and the Middle School Band came to visit the elementary school today! She shared the different musical instrument families and told information about each one. The musicians played several songs which had our feet tapping!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Mrs. Talbert’s class painted umbrellas and wrote a poems in celebration of the spring rain. The project will be going to the Gilman Healthcare Center as one of our gifts during our upcoming field trip to the center.


Fair Oaks Diary

Second grade went to Fair Oaks Diary on Friday, May 8th. We saw the milking barn, saw a calf being born, saw a 3D movie, and had yummy ice cream! A special thanks to the Gilman Women’s Club for helping …

And the Winners are…….

And the winners of the Earth Day recycle projects are………….from 2A Beau – sheep bank, from 2B Savannah – window planter, and from 2C Owen – tractor. Congrats to our highest vote getters! A special thanks goes to all of …