To The Nursing Home We Go!

Mrs. Talbert’s class met their Gilman Healthcare Center penpals on Thursday, May 22! Miss Kami played games with us to show what it might be like to have a handicap. Next we gave the residents our gifts: 2 banners, flowers, …

Fly Away, Butterfly!

Watching the butterflies flutter away was exciting yet sad. We watched them grow from caterpillars (larva) to chrysalis (pupa) to the adult butterfly. It was exciting to see the metamorphosis these creatures go through to become insects.

butterfly 1butterfly 2 butterfly 3 butterfly 4

Getting Ready!

Mrs. Talbert’s class will be visiting the Gilman Nursing Home on Thursday, May 22nd. The photos show students getting ready for the event by making cards, flowers, and banners!

nurse 1nurse 2 nurse 3

The 7th and 8th Grade Band

A special thanks to all of the Middle school band students and Ms. Johnson for playing for us today! We really enjoyed hearing the songs and learning about the instruments. You made quite an impression on many students to join …

Horticulture? What’s Horticulture?

Do you know? If not ask your second grader and they will tell you horticulture is anything to do with plants! Ms. Danielle from the University of Illinois Extension Office did Ag in the Classroom presentation about horticulture. Students had …